Who We Are

We've been at printing and designing shirts since 2011, while trying to make ourselves laugh while doing it. Someday our audience will laugh too. 

Our Mission is simple:  Make amazing shirts that the world doesn't need, but can't help themselves from purchasing. 

We pride ourselves on making unique and original apparel. 


Earth-Friendly Practices

We work with water based inks, which are absorbed into the cotton of the shirt so they are mostly flat for a soft feel. Any polyester or rayon threads, which do not absorb ink, lend a vintage look. Unlike traditional/common Plastisol (PVC plastic based) inks (which solidify on top of the shirt, giving a thick raised plastic feel you can touch) our shirts don’t crack after repeated washings. 



We have a lot of apparel options including Imports, Made in America, organic, and recycled materials. All sizes are unisex. All of our apparel comes from a small supplier on Long Island. Their inventory of shirts and colors will regularly go in and out of stock, but we try to plan and coordinate with our supplier as much as possible to get the best finished product.

Hand Printed

All of our products are hand printed by us. Our products are carefully printed, pressed, and examined before being shipped. We also hold ourselves to the highest standards, so you can often see us out and about in the Finger Lakes representing our clothing.