Silk Screen Printing

Eco-friendly inks and practices

We work with water based inks, which are absorbed into the cotton of the shirt; they are mostly flat for a soft feel. Any polyester or rayon threads, which do not absorb ink, lend a vintage look. Unlike traditional/common Plastisol (PVC plastic based) inks (which solidify on top of the shirt, giving a thick raised plastic feel you can touch) our shirts don’t crack after repeated washings. They just fade a bit and get a little more vintage-looking as some of the unabsorbed ink dissipates (and no, it won’t hurt your other clothes in the wash).


Water based inks require 2-3 layers of ink to be deposited and have a much more involved curing process than plastisol inks; since all of our shirts are printed by hand on a manual press, there will be small individual variations in ink density and placement which makes every shirt unique.


We have a lot of apparel options including Imports, Made in America, organic, and recycled materials. All sizes are unisex. All of the apparel in our shop comes from a small supplier on Long Island. Their inventory of shirts and colors will regularly go in and out of stock, but we try to plan and coordinate with our supplier and clients as much as possible to get the best finished product. Feel free to contact us!